On Comparing with Others and the Research Iceberg Analogy

Perspectives on Research. In the middle of a project: working on the base of an iceberg. After project completion: can see the entire iceberg, including the above-surface published component.
Perspectives on research: In the middle of a project vs after project completion. Photo of iceberg copyright Andreas Weith under CC BY-SA 4.0; obtained from Wikipedia. Changes include cropping and adding text.
Left: underwater view of an iceberg base (close up) and the text “In-Progress Research”. Right: view of a sea of icebergs from above with the text “Published Works in the Field”. Recommendation: Do not compare progress on an active project with published works.
Perspective on (1) one’s own research when actively engaged in a project (the underwater portion of an iceberg) vs (2) a view of the published works in the field ( a sea of icebergs as seen from above the water).

Never compare yourself with others; it is not fair to them, and it is not fair to you.



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